Peace Stealer

The world is at odds. There is fighting and yelling all around.

Yet, inside myself, there is love abounding. If I allow it, I will dwell there in peace and let it wash over me. It requires leaving behind the loud and demanding world. I disconnect. I float. On my own silence and my own terms.

Then I am wakened to someone distorting my revelry. They challenge my inner being. They wash their trepidations and anguish over me. Bathing me in their sticky nonsense, leaving behind a film of unclean words and feelings. They drive into me. Sucking into my pores and squeeze from me my breath.

And I catch it. Like pneumonia to the lungs, I realize it. Wringing me for every last moment of peace and silence inside.

I fight. I push back. I demand my island oasis. The fight to regain my structure, my brick wall, is wrought with focus and determination. It seems a contradiction that I must fight to maintain peace. Yet I do. I succeed. The battering and ranting that goes on, I choose to let fly- a paper airplane in the wind. It will dissolve in the rain of someone else.

I have won against the peace stealer on this day. I have triumphed over the darkness that tried it’s evil hand.


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