Puppy Love

I lost my puppy today. He was actually old. The vet had told us it could be any day.

It was still hard to take. He used to smile. It was a wide toothed grin that squeezed his eyes. People unaccustomed to his happiness mistook it for barring of the teeth before a deep throaty growl. They would fear he was about to attack.

Quite the contrary.

It is one of the aspect of our dog that taught me the most. It did not matter if dinner was late, the rain was cold or his kids forgot to put water in his dish when he was thirsty. He not only forgave, he greeted his beloved humans with a wagging tail and an enormous grin. Nothing got him down.

Even when his body was giving in, his spirit soared. He was happiest in the forest with his humans.

The best disposition and the best attitude until the end. I want to me more like my dog. Not needing much, just love, not giving anything in return but love.

 May you run through fields as green as ever, chase your tail to your heart’s desire and bark until the moon races from the sky my beloved pet.

You will be forever missed.

Human Mom


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