New Book-In Hand! What a feeling!

Holding my brand new book in my hand is giving me chills!

It is the proof. Here for me to check through and write on. It seems such a sacrilege, although I know I must mark it for the last time. The cover is crisp, the pages flute nicely and smell of new book. The sides and spine align perfectly. The front cover is proportioned perfectly between the edges.

Oh, how fun to hold it in my hand. The novelty will wear off soon enough. I will cherish it while I can. I wish everyone gets to have this feeling at least once in their life. Accomplishment, fulfillment, amazement and fear all rolled into one!

More to come. You can see Officer Down at Amazon in the Adult Romance section. The paperback will be available soon!

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

Happy reading and FEVERISH writing to you all!
Be your own-


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