REVIEW: New Historical/Regency Romance ‘Heart of the Diamond’ by Carrie Brock a Must-Read!

I love books based in history.

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Blake Dylan, The Earl of Diamond, has a heart of ice. The time has come for him to return to England and enact his plan of vengeance, even if it means wedding the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Lady Nicole Langley has vowed she will not marry unless for true love. When she is lured into a compromising situation with a handsome stranger her worst nightmare begins.

Now, to save them both, Nicki must wage a campaign to win the heart of the Diamond.


“A beautiful story about true love, revenge, learning to forgive and move on, and having pure faith in someone you care about. It’s a heart warming, steamy, romantic, humorous, intriguing, mysterious read that had me from the very first sentence! . . . Definitely a must-read for romance fans! “
          – Nakita McDonnagh

“What a delightful surprise! . . . This historical romance is…

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Paper Roses

Very nice! Thank you!

Charlotte Hoather

As promised here is a step by step guide on how to make the roses that I have used in my earlier picture, I have never done one of these guides before so here goes 🙂

Step 1:

I have used a template cutter to press out the spiral shape that I used to make the roses, but you can achieve the same effect by cutting out a circle and then cutting out the spiral shape from within the circle.



Step 2 :

Take the spiral shape that you have cut out from your piece of card or paper and remove any excess paper.


Step 3:

Now I use my Mum’s quilling tool which has a split end that you can thread the paper into in order to help you twist the paper into shape.  You can get the same effect by twisting the paper spiral around your finger but it is easier…

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Fevered Writing,

How do you write? 

Even with blue skies and wonderful 80 degree weather, my mind required me to sit and purge.

I feverishly wrote for ten hours, word after word, paragraph after paragraph, page after page. When those sort if writing typhoons hit me it doesn’t feel like me. In fact, sometimes when I go back and retread the words, I swear I was taken over by a poltergeist. At least it is one that can write!


New Book-In Hand! What a feeling!

Holding my brand new book in my hand is giving me chills!

It is the proof. Here for me to check through and write on. It seems such a sacrilege, although I know I must mark it for the last time. The cover is crisp, the pages flute nicely and smell of new book. The sides and spine align perfectly. The front cover is proportioned perfectly between the edges.

Oh, how fun to hold it in my hand. The novelty will wear off soon enough. I will cherish it while I can. I wish everyone gets to have this feeling at least once in their life. Accomplishment, fulfillment, amazement and fear all rolled into one!

More to come. You can see Officer Down at Amazon in the Adult Romance section. The paperback will be available soon!

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”
― Lloyd Alexander

Happy reading and FEVERISH writing to you all!
Be your own-

Peace in my Day

Pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. Two of the descriptions that make items endearing to most people. When I think of it I think of sunny mornings and a soft blanket, staving off the morning chill. To go with it, quiet from the human world. Only the chirps of birds, croaks of frogs and the breeze through the trees make themselves known.

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is my peaceful. Probably different than others, but the effect is the same. Escape, if only for a few minutes to a place other than reality.

It would be interesting to know what your peaceful place is.

Make this day a great one!